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Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions Page. Please feel free to Contact US or Chat online 


Q. Are your images of the actual product?

A. On most of our products we have an actual picture of the product on the product landing page. If the picture is currently not available, it will say so. Due to evolving product development, we reserve the right to make product changes as they arise. Sometimes a picture is in process and if you want to see it before you buy, email us a request and we will do our best to provide you with a picture of the actual part.

Q: I'm interested in ordering online, is your website secure?

A: Yes! Our shopping cart is 100% protected using a 128 bit SSL Certificate from DigiCert. All your personal information as well as the credit card number you send us is protected. When you go to the shopping cart to checkout, the URL at the top of the browser will change from http to https. This "s" indicates the site is now "secure".

Q: Why do you need my email address & phone number?

A: All tracking information is automatically emailed to you. Check to make sure your email assures is entered correctly. We ask for your phone number in case we need to verify your purchase. Please review our privacy statement for more information.

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